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If you're ready to have BOTH a thriving career/business AND a healthy and full life, this book is for you!

Inside, you will learn:

  • How to SUCCEED on your own terms and be at your best, without the unnecessary stress and constant distraction.

  • Uncomplicated STRATEGIES for finding inner peace and achieving more while working less and becoming more efficient.

  • Why seeking work-life balance is a waste of your time and energy and what to STRIVE for instead.

  • Simple STEPS you can take today to get on your true path and stay there.

  • The #1 thing that will help you ACHIEVE goals faster, and with more ease.

"An eye-opening and transformative read with sounds methods. This book has changed the way I approach my work and life. A must-read!"

- Susan Campbell, President, SJC Marketing

"Executives and entrepreneurs need this book to maximize value and create dynamic growth. This treasure trove of actionable advice will help leaders navigate change in a chaotic world. Highly recommend!"

- David Boim, DSB & Consultants CEO

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Tamie Rising

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Tamie Rising is a business strategist, life mastery consultant, best-selling author, and certified coach helping growth-minded entrepreneurs scale their business without sacrificing their personal life or well-being.

With her #1 Bestselling book, Pause to Prosper: A Proven Strategy for Entrepreneurs and Executives to Achieve More Through Rest and Reflection, Tamie advocates to strive for congruence over balance in juggling business, family, passion projects, social life, and community service. Her holistic approach integrates a unique blend of expertise in marketing and communications, spiritual entrepreneurship, business strategy, wellness, mindfulness, and body-centered wisdom to work smart, gain back time, enjoy vibrant health, double income and LOVE your business AND your life.

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