Immersion Day

Clarity. Renewal. Acceleration.

Fast Breakthroughs to Accelerate Your Business and Life

This concentrated, 1:1 experience tailored entirely to you is designed to provide focused attention on your immediate and long-term goals and challenges and give you clarity on the direction you want to pursue. It's a unique opportunity to have dedicated attention on you for an entire day. We will dive deep into your business and life to gain fast breakthroughs that lead to meaningful transformation. 

How it works

You will meet with Tamie for a full day in beautiful Colorado. We spend half our day "in the office" on strategy, and the other half "out of the office” on an outdoor adventure. Getting outside and moving in nature offers you a chance to gain fresh perspectives you might not otherwise get behind a desk. By unplugging and stepping back from your day-to-day you can recharge, clear your mind for new ideas and problem-solving, and cultivate the mindset needed for long-term success and fulfillment.

Tamie’s schedule allows for 6 spots every year. Schedule a no-pressure 30-minute Discovery Session with Tamie to learn more about Immersion Day and see if it’s a fit for your goals. 


Loveland, CO


(816) 582-6796

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