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Business and Personal Development Coach

Tamie Rising is a certified coach, life-mastery consultant and business strategist who merges science with spirituality in her life and coaching practice. Specializing in guiding small business owners to scale ventures without compromising what matters most, her goal is to empower men, women, and LGBTQ+ communities to elevate both their personal and professional lives. She also extends her expertise to organizations, nonprofits, and startups, guiding them and their teams toward success.

With an undergraduate degree in Marketing & Communications, she provides a distinctive perspective on how our approaches to marketing, selling, and communicating with our prospects, clients, and team can revolutionize the game for those striving to scale their businesses with integrity and genuine care for others.

In her #1 Bestselling book, “Pause to Prosper: Proven Strategies for Entrepreneurs and Executives to Achieve More through Rest and Reflection” she shares invaluable insights on thriving in our fast-paced world, while debunking the unrealistic concept of seeking balance, which can leave us drained and unfulfilled. Instead, her approach is rooted in the belief that congruence – integrating our work, personal life, and well-being into a cohesive and sustainable whole - brings us the energy, aliveness, success, and full life we seek. Get the book here.

Tamie’s Story - From Adversity to Empowerment: A Journey of Resilience

At sixteen, she embarked on a journey to recover from the challenges of her childhood marked by abuse and neglect. Motivated by a desire to understand how people change and thrive, she has spent the last 34 years studying with prominent leaders in personal development and human potential. Along the way, the struggles she faced early on in life only fueled her determination to empower others.

By challenging the limiting narratives that demanded conformity, settling, and sacrifice, she carved out a path aligned with her deepest desires, which included motherhood, cultivating a supportive lifestyle, and guiding others to become who they were meant to be. As a single mother, she adopted her child through foster care. Later she relocated from the midwest to Colorado to align her value of wellness with her lifestyle, so she and her child could be surrounded by the rejuvenating aspects and wonders of nature.

Through resilience, determination, and courage, she's not only transformed her own life but also guides countless others to unlock their inner brilliance and thrive against all odds.

Her journey taught her that resisting her true nature only led to stagnation and discontent. And, that authenticity is not only a superpower, it also can be the key to fulfillment in both business and in life for us all.

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Our Mission and Values

OUR MISSION: To forge a path where your success and fulfillment is a reflection of your humanity, not just your hustle.


Empowerment: Equipping you to take ownership of your personal and professional growth journey to realize your full potential.

Authenticity: Embracing your unique strengths, values, gifts, and passions in all aspects of life.

Growth Mindset: Prioritizing continuous learning, resilience, and adaptability as key drivers of success and fulfillment.

Well-being: Optimizing physical, mental, and emotional well-being as integral components of true fulfillment and accomplishment.

Collaboration: Recognizing that meaningful growth and transformation thrive in a collaborative partnership between coach and client.


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