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5 challenges facing today’s CEO (and how to solve them)

February 26, 20242 min read

Pandemic or not, every leader faces challenging times. Some challenges they can’t control, but many they can. Here’s a list of 5 top challenges clients regularly come to me to address, and how to solve them:

  1. Spending time in reflection – Clients tell me they have a hard time making this a priority, even though they know the value of strategic thinking and learning from the past. Read my blog post 2020 Crucial Reflection Questions + 2012 Framework for Success, which walks you through an effective reflection process.

  2. Nurturing a resilient culture of well-being and high performance – In a study sponsored by Nationwide and Vodafone, nearly 100 percent of participants cited resilience as a factor in job success. Without a culture of resilience, ever-increasing demands on time and energy can create environments where people feel overwhelmed, and are constantly multitasking, chronically distracted and pulled in too many different directions. Building problem solving skills and copying strategies helps employees manage high expectations and perform well through busy or tough times.

  3. Little or no effective or confident delegation – Do you feel like you have to make every decision? Clients tell me they don’t feel confident to delegate to their management team. The key is to build a strong management team with the right people in the right seats, a team who works seamlessly and collaboratively together so you can get out of the minutiae and focus on high-level, high-impact strategy.

  4. Overwhelm and feeling isolated at the top – Old perspective creates overwhelm to solving modern problems. Having someone who you can vent to and who will challenge your perspective reduces overwhelm and offers new solutions you might not have considered otherwise. A CEO recently told me at the end of our 1:1 session – “I like these conversations because things bubble up to the surface that don’t otherwise and I can address them quickly and easily.”

  5. Lack of accountability – Ineffective leadership practices and mindsets can lead to a lack of accountability. The pitfalls of this are low morale, unclear priorities, declining engagement, ineffective execution, high turnover and low levels of trust. Creating positive accountability by setting clear expectations and goals goes a long way, and builds a culture of trust, engagement and high performance.

What kind of result would your company have when addressing one or two of these challenges immediately?

Let’s talk about this. Share a comment below, or schedule time on my calendar here. I look forward to speaking with you soon.

Yours on the adventure of 2021,


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Tamie Rising

Tamie Rising is somatic life and leadership coach, business strategist, and best-selling author helping growth-minded entrepreneurs and professionals carve a path to success without burning out. With her #1 Bestselling book, Pause to Prosper: A Proven Strategy for Entrepreneurs and Executives to Achieve More Through Rest and Reflection, Tamie helps you break from from overwork and overwhelm for good and achieve faster results without the relentless hustle.

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